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Mind Massaging Machine - Oculus Mobile

Enjoy relaxing mind massages to freshen up and relax your mind. · By Heptamind


Recent updates

Mind Massaging Machine v1.3.4 released
This is an update with a few upgrades, improvements and bugfixes. What's new? new, improved water new transition into hub scene for increased visual comfort new...
2 files
Mind Massaging Machine v1.3.3 released
Fixed a bug that could stop bundled hypnosis session prematurely. That is all...
2 files
Mind Massaging Machine v1.3.2 released
This update was planned for the end of 2020, but holiday stress delay happened. Here's what's in the new version: Features Remembers preferred spirals for each...
2 files
Mind Massaging Machine v1.3 released
Summer was very busy and the pandemic did not really help. Since 1.2.2 there are mostly bugfixes and technical improvements under the hood. But I also added a n...
2 files — 1.3.0

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