There's still a few things to do on this game. I want to re-create the menu, that means graphics, sounds and the implementation. So far I used NGUI but it doesn't play very good with the distance field based font renderer.

Apart from the menu I need to get rid of the overly bloopy-beepy sound effects ingame.

And then there's integration of UnityAds, Highscores and Achievements, each for Android and iOS.

I already integrated Fabric and UnityAnalytics, meaning that I will hopefully get some meaningful data to improve gameplay.

That's all for today. Now go and play Bat+Ball 2. Send me feedback to batnball2_alphatest(at)

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Published216 days ago
StatusIn development
Tags3D, Arcade, breakout, pong
Average durationA few seconds
Player countSingleplayer

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